Boulevard 79

We first recognize the building and remember it in appearance, and the success is when the first positive impression becomes permanent. This is the case with one of the most modern pearls with ARMONT signature - Bulevar 79 building, in the Boulevard of King Aleksandar in Belgrade.

Collaboration with the project team of Remorker has brought a fruitful result to which we are all proud. Recently, we can recognize this building with a new, creative rug. By placing different elements, the building has gained a dynamic and vibrant look, an interesting effect of the 3D facade, different from every angle and time of the day. Facade from hour to hour provides a new experience, so passers-by have the impression that the building is constantly "witnessing new stories".


The ventilated facade coating with unusual perforated segments attracts and respects the inhabitants of Belgrade, as a new, fluttering symbol of that part of the city.


Let's go further, even stronger, to the mission of beautifying cities!

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