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In New Belgrade, in one of the most beautiful boulevards in the city, a residential and business center Block 32 was built.

Armont designed and applied technological solutions for facades in accordance with the purpose of the future facility and the environment in which it is located. Authentic and modern lines of the new residential and business complex completely give a new dimension to the appearance of the entire neighborhood.

Over 13,000 m2 of various facade were installed (4,000 m2 of aluminum elements, 5,400 m2 of ventilated facade with ceramic finish, 1,400 m2 of ventilated facade with enamelled glass finish and 2,200 m2 of glass facade).

Block 32 made this part of the city look even more beautiful and  confirmed a fact that every city is as beautiful as we all try to make it better for living and working.

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