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The reconstruction of the Palace of Justice, the largest judicial building in Serbia, has been completed, with Armont SP participating in the rejuvenation.

The building, built 50 years ago, has been thoroughly refurbished and modernized.

The restored and cleaned façade completely replaced the glass parts of the façade, while using glass packages with state-of-the-art coatings and outstanding thermal performance.

The new window frames fit together aesthetically, and the Schüco aluminum window system was used, with additional special profiles specially developed for this project (the surface of the built-in façade is 5000m2).

By replacing the aluminum locksmiths on the facade of the building, as well as in the atriums, the building became significantly more illuminated, and the 400 m2 lanterns on the roof (Schüco) made the space more airy. The glass partition walls also added to the impression that the building was “breathing” and that the space was larger.

This project also uses specific and unique Armonet design solutions that result in a top aesthetic and functional experience on one of the most important and recognizable buildings in Belgrade.

Palata Pravde, Beograd, Palata Pravde Beograd
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