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Beo Shopping Center

Armont has been participated in the construction of Beo Shopping Center, one of the largest shopping centers in the Balkans.

The new face of Belgrade is authentic in terms of airiness, even though it is a closed space. The modern design of the building follows world trends in the amount of natural light, greenery and open areas. The combination of a ventilated and glass facade, as well as a roof lantern, have made the shopping center an authentic building that breathes.

Armont was also in charge of installing large glass elements (2.4 x 4.5 m) above the entrance, which gives a feeling of freedom and space from the first step in it.

Armont has engaged a large number of its staff on this complex project, applied modern technologies and again pushed the boundaries in the application of functional and aesthetic solutions.

West 65 Tower-01-01.jpg
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